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Producing a watch that is extremely resistant to pressure is not really very difficult. The thickness of the case walls and the external dimensions could be increased to the point where a watch with very high water resistance could be made. But Rolex did not go about solving this problem in this way. From the very beginning, the goal of the engineers at Deepsea was to create a wearable watch. They found success using a watch with a diameter of 44 mm and a thickness of 18 mm that was very comfortable to wear.
This required a completely new redesign of the case construction – resulting in the “ring lock system” developed and patented by Rolex. The system consists of three pressure-absorbing elements: a 5.5 mm thick sapphire crystal, a 3.28 mm thick grade 5 titanium case back and a Biodur 108 steel inner ring. The system is surrounded by a Rolex 904L steel case. These materials have been carefully selected for their extreme robustness and resilience so that they will not deform or break under pressure
The advantage for divers is that water absorbs long-wave light better than short-wave light, so the blue light is easiest to see underwater. How does this benefit the wearer? Impact resistance and reliability are improved. The winding mechanism is more efficient and builds up power reserves faster, largely due to the new ball bearing oscillator. Most importantly, the maximum power reserve has been increased from the standard 48 hours to 70 hours. Rolex has increased the efficiency of the Swiss lever escapement by 15% through the use of thinner barrel walls, allowing for a longer mainspring, and the innovative Chronergy escapement. This was achieved by modifying the geometry and reducing the weight of the skeletonized shape. The lighter escapement is also noted for its quieter ticking sound. Its main function is to allow magnification of the date on many Oyster replica watches. This additional feature, exclusive to the crystal, allows the wearer to read the date very easily. Because of its uniqueness, and the success this innovation has enjoyed, Rolex was quick to warn all brands planning to adopt the same feature.” To all watchmakers: we draw your attention to the fact that watch lenses with specially shaped magnifying glasses are exclusive to Rolex and are protected both in Switzerland and abroad. We will not hesitate to take legal action against any counterfeiting,” noted a notice published in the press at the time.
In order to achieve maximum water and dust resistance, the Oyster case is fixed to models that are primarily diving watches. It was therefore imperative to provide replica Rolex customers with a feature that would allow them to use their watches in dark conditions, such as underwater. To meet this need, Rolex began using an innovative luminescent material called Chromalight. This material emits a blue glow that provides greater visibility and also extends the time of visibility in dark conditions. Applied to the hands, hour markers, and other display elements of most Oyster watches, the high-performance luminescent material makes it easy for the wearer to tell the time in dark conditions. Chromalight displays glow for almost twice as long as standard luminescent materials, extending to more than eight hours.
Mostly found in Sea-Dweller and Rolex Deepsea, the helium relief valve allows for the release of excess pressure that builds up in the case during the diver’s decompression phase. This is done in a hyperbaric chamber and does not affect the water-resistance of the watch. This innovative feature was developed and patented by Rolex back in 1967 and it soon played a key role in the field of deep-sea diving. The presence of a helium relief valve allows divers to make deeper dives and stay underwater for longer periods of time. As with saturation diving, the watch accompanying the diver housed a feature that released the helium absorbed by the watch.
When fake Rolex created the Oyster case, it was understood that in addition to the robustness of the case, the bezel was one of the most visible parts of the watch that was susceptible to external corrosion. It also features 100% color retention and excellent polish to ensure that the bezel retains its luster over time.
The Deep Sea Special Edition is almost unwearable because of its enormous 35 mm thickness and the hemispherical crystal above the dial. The second version is much smaller. It is based on the innovative case construction introduced in 2008 for the mass-produced Deepsea model, which has a pressure-resistant depth of 3,900 meters. Rolex has also fixed some smaller details. The distance between the case and the bezel has been reduced, which limits the amount of dirt that can penetrate the watch. The circular luminous markers on the bezel are also not as high and therefore less susceptible to damage. The strap has been redesigned to be softer and more comfortable.

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